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Book a (cheap) ticket

Once you’ve set a date for your trip, it’s time to snatch a cheap ticket: Use Skyscanner or Google Flights to find the cheapest flight fares. Check the Dutch railway NS for saver fare tickets [...]

Find job vacancies

If you are looking for work in the Netherlands, you might want to know where to find job vacancies in the Netherlands. First off, if you don't use LinkedIn yet, consider using it for your [...]

Tips for your application

Finding a job in the Netherlands is not always easy. It might take a while to find work in the Netherlands even though you are highly qualified and possess all the necessary qualifications. Just as [...]

Find a place to live

Finding a room or apartment in the Netherlands can be quite tricky and expensive (depending on the city). Therefore it is recommended you start looking for a place before you arrive in the Netherlands. [...]

Costs of living and budget

As a young professional or starter working in the Netherlands, you will earn around €1800 net (based on full-time employment) with a yearly extra of approximately one monthly salary paid in May when you get [...]

Work and residence permit

In most cases, a citizen of an EU/EEA country or Switzerland doesn't need a residence or work permit to stay and work in the Netherlands. A valid passport or national travel ID of your country [...]

Move your stuff

A lot of internationals choose to travel light and sell their furniture or store it somewhere in their country of origin. Consider moving with just one suitcase since you might also not know yet where [...]


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