File your M-form in less than an hour

Everyone living only part of the year in the Netherlands needs to fill in the M-form instead of a “normal” tax return. The M-form is a 55 pages long document, which is only available in Dutch. Our M-form Template in English is everything you need to file your M-form yourself!

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Step-by-Step guide

The comeandstay M-form Template contains a step-by-step manual with English translations of every field you need to fill in. You’ll see exactly where you have to fill in what.

English explanations

Next to a translation of the fields, the M-form template provides English explanations for all essential areas. You’ll know precisely WHAT information you need to fill in and WHERE to find it.

FAQ Section

In the extended FAQ section of the M-form Manual, you’ll find additional information about the M-form and the Dutch tax situation in general.

Happy clients

Filling in the M-form can be quite a hassle for an expat who doesn’t really understand the language fully. There are so many clauses and options, it’s just huge. This template has been a great help in getting the form done correctly, it makes it doable and it’s very affordable compared to what a tax company would ask to help with this. I was done in about 1h!


I could not have done my taxes without this! It is very affordable for a student who earns very little and saved me from having to hire an expensive tax consultant. It was clear and well organized, every required page had been scanned and explanations for fields were next to the picture of the page. It also had a great FAQ including the meanings of the more complicated words used in the form. More than worth the cheap price!


When I received the form I was quite overwhelmed but the manual explained in clear terms what I needed to fill in where. The process was smooth and they even reached out afterwards if everything was clear!


For who?

We created this template for people with a simple tax situation. Make sure you fulfil the prerequisites if you want to use our template.

You need to download the Basic M-form Manual for the year you need to file your M-form; usually, this coincides with the previous year. For some exceptional cases, you can purchase extensions, e.g. if you have any savings or study costs.

More about the Prerequisites