A lot of internationals choose to travel light and sell their furniture or store it somewhere in their country of origin. Consider moving with just one suitcase since you might also not know yet where you will be staying and therefore what you need. As international moving services can be quite expensive, try to involve friends and family. If you are a European citizen, it might be a fun road trip to drive to the Netherlands with some of your boxes after you’ve found a place.

If you want to send some luggage from your country of origin to the Netherlands, try websites like sendmybag.com or eurosender.com.

After you’ve arranged your housing in the Netherlands, you might want to furnish your new house. There are multiple websites and Facebook groups where you will be able to find used furniture for a small amount of even for free. Free options are f.e. gratisaftehalen.nl (website in Dutch, type in your location and scroll through the ads) and gratisoptehalen.nl (website in Dutch, type in your postcode and check the section Aangeboden. In the footer of gratisoptehalen.nl you’ll also find Facebook groups per region). Also check marktplaats.nl, which is the Netherlands’ biggest marketplace for used things and search on Facebook for groups in your region.

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