If you are looking for work in the Netherlands, you might want to know where to find job vacancies in the Netherlands. First off, if you don’t use LinkedIn yet, consider using it for your job search in the Netherlands. In addition to being your digital CV and “business card”, you’ll also find many attractive vacancies on LinkedIn, especially for non-Dutch speakers. Before diving into the Dutch job market, polish your LinkedIn profile and add some (not too long) descriptions, catchy phrases and, most importantly, a recent picture of yourself. Having an up-to-date LinkedIn profile is essential to finding work in the Netherlands.

The biggest website for vacancies in the Netherlands is Indeed, which, unfortunately, is unavailable in English. However, Indeed offers most vacancies in the Netherlands because they’re scraping job openings on other websites to offer them on their platform.

Other websites to find work in the Netherlands are:

These are the websites also Dutchies use for their job search. Unfortunately, all the sites above are available in Dutch only. However, some of the job descriptions are available in English, and in most job specifications, you’ll see whether Dutch is required or not.

Some websites (of job or recruitment agencies) offer job openings specifically for internationals. See e.g.

Europeanlanguagejobs.com often lists vacancies for non-Dutch speakers in the Netherlands. If you come from France or Sweden, try workwid.fr and workwide.se. For German speakers, try Germans abroad and Facebook groups like English-speaking vacancies in the Netherlands or Jobs for German speakers in the Netherlands.

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