If you come to the Netherlands to work, you might be entitled to the 30% facility. To get 30% facility, you need to be recruited or seconded from a country other than the Netherlands. Furthermore, you need to have specific expertise that is not or is only barely available on the Dutch employment market. This also includes a certain income and degree level (Master’s degree) and your age. Click here for more info about the specific requirements you need to meet.
Moreover, you have to have been living outside of the Netherlands before the 1st working day in the Netherlands as well as more than 150 km away from the Dutch boarder. Please check here for more detailed information about the conditions.

30% facility brings you some attractive financial benefits: your employer may provide you with 30% of your wage, including reimbursement, tax-free. Considering the tax rate in the Netherlands, which is around 40%, the 30% facility can bring you a couple of 100 Euros a month extra.

If you meet the requirements, you need to submit an application together with your employer. Please be aware that it costs money to send the application.

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