As a young professional or starter working in the Netherlands, you will earn around €1800 net (based on full-time employment) with a yearly extra of approximately one monthly salary paid in May when you get your “holiday money” (vakantiegeld). (Please be aware that this is a reference value and salary might differ per industry). Wages in the Netherlands are usually paid monthly. Check to calculate your net income based on your gross salary. Depending on whether you live in the city or somewhere further away (and also which city or region you live) your rent will most likely be somewhere between €500 and €900. For insurance, you will spend around €150 (or €200 if you own a car). Calculate around €250 monthly for groceries and keep in mind travel costs if you commute to work. In the Netherlands, some employers reimburse (part of) the travel costs. Also, think about saving an extra amount for your pension if you want to build up the third pillar. E.g. Bright Pensioen offers an easy to use and starters friendly solution (website available in Dutch only).

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