Finding a job in the Netherlands is not always easy. It might take a while to find work in the Netherlands even though you are highly qualified and possess all the necessary qualifications. Just as with housing in the Netherlands, the most important tip we can give, is not to give up. However, there are more things you can do. Here are some tips for your quest for finding work in the Netherlands.

  • Learn (some) Dutch. Even though this one is the hardest one to achieve, your job chances definitely increase if you speak (some) Dutch. Despite the fact that most expat jobs don’t require you to speak Dutch, many companies feel more comfortable to choose you if you do so. If you live and work in the Netherlands, you will benefit from speaking Dutch, simply because you will get the funny comments your colleagues make at the coffee machine and you will be able to integrate much faster.
  • “Dutchify” your CV. Next to your working experience, in the Netherlands, it is common to put your Date of Birth, place of residence a recent picture and your hobbies and interests in your CV. However, only mention hobbies and activities that actually ad something to your profile, like volunteering experience or sports. In France e.g. it is common to put the Countries you’ve travelled to in your CV, it is not so in the Netherlands.
    ProTip: Mention a Dutch (or international) education which is comparable to your own.
    ProTip for applicants outside of the EU: Mention whether you have a residency and working permit for the Netherlands. Not every company will be able to apply for such.
  • Keep your LinkedIn profile up to date. Make sure recruiters can find you and know that you are available.
  • Work with Job Agencies. In some countries, job agencies don’t have the best reputation; Not so in the Netherlands. Consider working with job agencies like Manpower, Undutchables (for internationals), UniqueRandstad (not available in English) and tempo team (no English website).
  • Choose the dress code for your job application. In most companies, you are not expected to suit up for your job interview (depending on the branches). Go for casual chic.
  • Prepare to be asked direct questions. Dutchies are straightforward, and you will probably also learn that at your job interviews. They try to find out who you are outside of work and might ask questions about your interests, family etc.

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