M-Form Basic 2019

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The comeandstay M-form Basic Manual contains:

  • Step-by-Step guide
  • English translations and explanations
  • Detailed answers to frequently asked questions;
  • Dutch to English glossary of all the terms associated with tax returns.


Make sure you fulfil the following prerequisites before you purchase your M-form Manual!

This template is for you, if you:

  • moved to the Netherlands in 2019 and did still live in the Netherlands on 31 December 2019; and
  • in 2019 earned money from a Dutch employer, but only during the period, you were registered in the Netherlands.

if you are not:

  • married or divorced and you don’t have kids; or
  • military or share-fisherman.

and if in 2019 you did not:

  • pay any alimony
  • receive alimony from a partner
  • own a company or had shares or substantial interest in one
  • have any shares, options or the like
  • gift money or provided other assets to a company, foundation or association
  • owe an apartment or house but did live in a rental property
  • receive any income from rent or similar
  • receive any income from Belgium or live(d) in Belgium in 2019
  • have or receive money from endowment insurances
  • work at an international organisation (EU, UN, NATO)
  • take care of or received benefits for a handicapped (family member)
  • receive any of the following:
  • Uitkering (unemployment benefit) in the Netherlands or an other country
    • AOW (Dutch retirement pension), pension or annuity
    • Heffingskorting voor groene beleggingen
    • Lump sum payments

2 reviews for M-Form Basic 2019

  1. Francesca Grilli

    Filling in the M-form can be quite the hassle for an expat who doesn’t really understand the language fully. There are so many clauses and options, it’s just huge. This template has been a great help in getting the form done correctly, it makes it doable and it’s very affordable compared to what a tax company would ask to help with this. I was done in about 1h!

  2. Robin (verified owner)

    I could not have done my taxes without this! It is very affordable for a student who earns very little and saved me from having to hire an expensive tax consultant. It was clear and well organized, every required page had been scanned and explanations for fields were next to the picture of the page. It also had a great FAQ including the meanings of the more complicated words used in the form. More than worth the cheap price!

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