M-Form Basic 2023


The comeandstay M-Form Basic Manual contains:

  • Step-by-Step guide
  • English translations and explanations
  • Detailed answers to frequently asked questions;
  • Dutch to English glossary of all the terms associated with tax returns.


Make sure you fulfil the following prerequisites before you purchase our M-Form Manual.

This template is for you if you:

  • moved to the Netherlands in 2023 and did still live in the Netherlands on 31 December 2022; and
  • in 2023, you earned money from a Dutch employer, but only during that period were you registered in the Netherlands.

if you are not:

  • married or divorced, and you don’t have kids; or
  • military or share-fisherman.

and if in 2023, you did not:

  • pay any alimony
  • receive alimony from a partner
  • own a company or had shares or substantial interest in one
  • have any shares, options or the like
  • gift money or provide other assets to a company, foundation or association
  • owe an apartment or house but did live in a rental property
  • receive any income from rent or similar
  • receive any income from Belgium or live(d) in Belgium in 2021
  • have or receive money from endowment insurance
  • work at an international organisation (EU, UN, NATO)
  • take care of or receive benefits for a handicapped (family member)
  • receive any of the following:
  • Uitkering (unemployment benefit) in the Netherlands or another country
    • AOW (Dutch retirement pension), pension or annuity
    • Heffingskorting voor groene beleggingen
    • Lump sum payments


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