2019 M-Form Extension: Study Costs


This M-Form Manual Extension is for you, if:

  • You meet the prerequisites of the M-Form Basic 2019;
  • Your total study costs minus any compensation were higher than the threshold of 250 euros;
  • You were not entitled to a student grant (studiefinancering) or any corresponding (foreign) benefit;
  • You incurred the costs for your study yourself. If the costs for your study were paid by your parents, for example, you might not deduct these costs;
  • The education or study was aimed at your (future) profession;
  • There was a specified learning path, meaning that you gained knowledge under supervision;
  • The amount that you may deduct as study costs and other training expenses after reduction of the threshold of 250 euros is a maximum of 15,000 euros.


This is an extension to the M-Form Basic template for the year 2019. This extension can not be used without the M-form Manual Basic 2019.

All comeandstay M-form Manuals contain:

  • A Step-by-Step guide
  • English translations and explanations
  • Detailed answers to frequently asked questions;
  • A Dutch to English glossary of all the terms associated with tax returns.



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