If you live in the Netherlands for a longer period, you might want to take out some insurance. Here are the most common insurances for people living in the Netherlands:

  • Home Contents Insurance (Inboedelverzekering) covers you for loss or damage to your movable property in your home f.e. through fire or theft.
  • Liability insurance (Aansprakelijkheidsverzekering) protects you from the risks of liability and covers you for involuntary (material) damage you cause on other peoples belongings or injure someone by your fault. This insurance costs +/-€4 a month.
  • Travel insurance (Reis- en annuleringsverzekering) can come in quite handy if you travel frequently. It covers unexpected expenses due to an accident or emergency as well as loss or theft of your luggage. Most insurance providers offer the option for cancellation insurance (annuleringsverzekering) which covers you for expenses due to unexpected cancellations of/on your trip.

GOOD TO KNOW: In the Netherlands, many banks offer insurance in addition to their financial products. It might be worthwhile checking with your bank if you are looking for insurance.

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