Apply for a DigiD

Besides your BSN, the DigiD is one of the essential things you need when living in the Netherlands. The DigiD is your digital identity for the Dutch Government. It allows you to log in to [...]

Medicine and pharmacies

In the Netherlands, you register at your local pharmacy (apotheek) and get all your medicine there. This way, the pharmacy is always aware of the medicine you take and makes sure you don't get conflicting [...]

Get a Dutch phone number

If you live in the Netherlands for a more extended period, you might want to get a Dutch phone number. There are multiple phone providers in the Netherlands where you can usually choose from [...]

Study and work

If you study in the Netherlands, you might want to get a side job to earn some extra money. In the Netherlands, it is common for students to work a couple of hours next to [...]

Post and mail

If you live in the Netherlands, you might want to post some Dutch greetings to your family and friends back home eventually. You might search for a post office in vain since most post offices [...]


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