Health insurance is mandatory for all people working in the Netherlands or living in the Netherlands for more than four months. If you work in the Netherlands, you have to take out Dutch health insurance even if you are an EU citizen and possess an EU Health insurance card or if you have private health care insurance from your country of origin. You can choose health insurance yourself, and you will be invoiced directly. Compare different health insurances on Zorgkiezer, Independer or Zorgwijzer.

Please be aware that you need to be registered in the Netherlands and possess a BSN to get Dutch Health insurance. However, you’ll have four months leeway to arrange health insurance after your arrival.

There are about 50 health insurances in the Netherlands, but only eight of them offer an English website. ONVZ offers health insurance specifically for expats living in the Netherlands. Other health insurances with English websites are Zilveren KruisVGZ, CZ, MenzisAnderzorg and HollandZorg.

Which health costs are covered depends on the coverage of your insurance and the module(s) you choose. It is usually possible to choose between basic health insurance (which is mandatory) and additional modules which cover special care like glasses or physiotherapy. Most health insurance plans in the Netherlands also offer an extra module for dental care.

You should also be aware of mandatory excess – the yearly amount you participate yourself to your health expenses – which slightly changes every year. For 2019 the excess is €385. If you visit a doctor, you won’t be charged directly. Your health insurance will be charged and charge you for your mandatory excess and/or own contribution if applicable. A visit at the GP does not count for your mandatory excess.

Read more about health insurance in the Netherlands on the website of the Dutch government.

TIP: Depending on how high your income is, you might be entitled to receive healthcare allowance (zorgtoeslag).

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