The Dutchies love their (music) festivals, and they do like a good party. The biggest celebration day is the king’s day, which is the national celebration day and is celebrated with a lot of open stages and music throughout the whole country. Another nice country-wide festival you should not miss when living in the Netherlands is Bevrijdingsfestival on 5 May. On this day the Dutchies celebrate freedom and democracy in memory of the liberation from the Nazis in 1945 with free festivals throughout the country. And don’t miss gay pride in Amsterdam, one of the biggest gay events in the world and it’s canal parade with thousands of boats on the canals.

There are also many music festivals which last for several days. Check f.e. Lowlands, Best Kept Secret Festival, Pinkpop, Down The Rabbit Hole, We are Electric, Into The Great Wide Open, Into The Woods, Wildeburg and many more and make sure you buy your tickets early because most festivals in the Netherlands do sell out (fast).

A more local festival is ADE in Amsterdam. The Amsterdam Dance Event is one of the biggest festivals for electronic music. In addition to ADE, there are many one-day festivals for electronic music in the Netherlands. Check for example DGTL in Amsterdam, Free your mind in Arnhem, Soenda in Utrecht and many more.

If you live in Nijmegen, you won’t and shouldn’t miss 4daagse, which is a four-day march accompanied by festivity throughout the whole city. As stated earlier: the Dutchies love their festivals. Even though the actual march lasts for “only” four days, the festivity around lasts for ten days straight. So even if you don’t live in Nijmegen, don’t miss Nijmegse 4daagse!

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