One thing you should not miss if you live in the Netherlands is King’s day. On 27th of April, the Dutchies celebrate the birthday of their King Willem Alexander. There are multiple activities on King’s night and day. You heard right, one day of a party would not be enough for the party-friendly Dutchies, so they start celebrating the night before. On King’ s night, in most cities, simply go to the city centre, and you’ll find enough to see and do. Especially in vivid cities like Amsterdam, Utrecht, Eindhoven and Nijmegen, there are stages and stands throughout the whole town. Also, watch out for the flea market. On King’s night and King’s day, citizens are allowed to sell things on the street, and that’s just what people do. In most cities, the flea market is restricted to certain areas.

The most important thing to remember on King’s day is to wear something orange or dress up in the Dutch colours red, blue and white. Even though it might feel silly at home, as soon as you approach the city centre, you will feel left out if you don’t. On King’s night and day, there are multiple open stages and things to do on the street. Pack some beers, and off you go. If you prefer it a bit less casual, there are numerous festivals for King’s day as well.

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