The Hague, the international city of peace and justice, has more to offer than government buildings and skyscrapers, it’s a city full of life and diverse activities — we’re here to tell you what to do in The Hague!

Note: This was written with the intent of flow, so each activity moves into the next without ping-ponging you around the city.

What to do in The Hague –


You wake up in a sun-filled room, greeted by the smell of fresh coffee and the sound of breakfast being made. There is no need to figure out what to do in The Hague; It’s your first day in this beautiful city, and you’ve got a whole day planned for you!

After grabbing some coffee from the communal kitchen, you head out the door. Your hostel, the Pink Flamingo, is located in Grote Markt, the former market square of The Hague which is now home to hip restaurants and bars.

A rumble starts in your stomach, it’s time for some breakfast. Thankfully a breakfast spot is right around the corner, a quick walk through the soon-to-be bustling shopping streets of The Hague will have you arriving at Jamey Bennett, a swanky place that offers breakfast lunch and dinner. For breakfast, you notice they’ve got a variety of options from yoghurts, eggs, pancakes, and fresh fruit, the choice is yours. 

It wouldn’t be a trip to The Hague without seeing a couple of the historic government buildings housed here, so after breakfast, you make your way over to the Binnenhof, just 3 minutes away. The Binnenhof is an amalgamation of buildings housing the States-General of the Netherlands, the Ministry of General Affairs, and the Prime Minister’s office, and you are freely allowed to walk through the courtyard.

The Binnenhof - The Hague

After checking out the Binnenhof, you circle back from where you entered and make your way up Noordeinde, the street where the aptly named Noordeinde Palace is located (the official working palace of the King!). Noordeinde is populated by more than just this opulent palace, here you’ll find a plethora of alluring shops ranging in theme from art, antiques, boutiques, jewellers, and restaurants as you stroll the street. 


At the end of Noordeinde, you find your destination: Lola Bikes & Coffee. Here you’ll be able to grab a quick coffee if you’d like, and the most important part, a faithful bike to rent which will bring you to your next destination: the beach! A visit to The Hague would not be complete without checking out the bountiful shoreline just kilometres away. You finish up your coffee and head to Zuiderstrand, a relatively less populated, serene beach, only 15 minutes away by bike. 

Zuiderstrand offers you many possibilities: walking the shoreline, swimming in the water, and exploring the official paths within the dunes, just to name a few. After experiencing what the beach has to offer, you find yourself hungry yet again. As you think about what to eat, serendipitously, you see the beach restaurant ZUID. A peaceful spot with a beautiful view that offers a variety of options from fresh seafood to tasty drinks. 

Scheveningen - Beach The Hague


With your stomach full and your skin sun-kissed, it’s time to head back to the city. You hop on your bike and head back to the city centre of The Hague! First stop is Lola Bikes & Coffee, where you drop off your bike and head out into the street. As you walk down Noordeinde, you find yourself on Hoogstraat, the street that’s home to brand name stores like Massimo Duty and Scotch & Soda. While admiring the shops [and shopping if you so choose], you’ll hear the distinct noise of trams as Hoogstraat transitions into Venestraat. There you turn right into the beautiful hideaway known as Haagsche Bluf, a peaceful courtyard that is home to Scallywags, Foodhallen, and Loetje, three enticing looking restaurants. As you admire the possibilities, you get a message from a friend asking to meet for dinner at Bleyenberg, a restaurant close by your hostel. Time to shower up and refresh! 

You make your way out of the courtyard, and head down Grote Marktstraat, the main vein of downtown The Hague, a wide and incredibly bustling street. As you stroll down the road, you marvel at the multitude of shops, diversity of people, and organized chaos that is Grote Marktstraat. You make it back to your room and prepare for the night ahead! 


You exit the hostel, notice the bustling bars of Grote Markt, and walk your way to Bleyenburg, a multi-level restaurant with a diverse menu, with offerings ranging from tacos to sweet potato curry. As you make your way up to the rooftop, you’re struck by the skyline that The Hague has to offer. You see your friends at a table on the rooftop and start your night.

As the dinner winds down, you think of your next move. Grote Markt is a stone’s throw away, you can grab some beers at the eclectic bars you noticed earlier; Boterwaag with its spacious hall, Vavavoom with its tropical feel, the options are unlimited. Or you can go back to your room at The Pink Flamingo and get some much-deserved rest: the choice is yours!

Wrapping up a day in The Hague 

We hope that you can take some ideas from our article on what to do in The Hague and incorporate them into your time spent in this great city. If you’re looking for a more relaxed experience, consider doing just some of these activities, no need to fit them all in one day! We hope you learned something new, and enjoy your time in The Hague. You can find a Google Maps route with all the places mentioned in this article here

Happy exploring!

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