After your arrival in the Netherlands, make sure you get enough fuel to start the bureaucratic battle of the coming days. The most common supermarket in the Netherlands is the Albert Heijn. Once you recognise the blue and white logo, you will find stores everywhere. When in doubt type it into Google Maps.

Other supermarkets are: Plus, Jumbo, Dirk, Spar, Coop, Lidl and Aldi.

Please note that it is NOT POSSIBLE to pay by credit card in the Albert Heijn. Therefore make sure you`ll bring your Maestro Card from home or enough cash with you if you don`t have a Dutch bank account yet.

If you`d rather grab a bite to eat, look for an eetcafe. As Dutch people love their bread for lunch, in an eetcafe you find a nice selection of sandwiches (broodjes) and salads. The places called “restaurant” are mainly for a fancy dinner with friends.

Last resort: order your food online at e.g. or Deliveroo.

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