If you want to study in the Netherlands as an EU citizen, tuition fees in are a little more than €2000 a year as long as this is your primary education (tuition fees are much higher if you already possess another degree). Private universities and university colleges have higher tuition fees. Most universities offer two ways of paying tuition fees. You can either pay the full amount at the beginning of the academic year or choose to pay by monthly instalments of about €200 each (10 times). At some universities, you’ll have to pay twice a year for each semester.

If you are not able to pay the tuition fees yourself, you can take out a tuition fee loan (collegegeldkrediet). The tuition fee loan is a component of the Dutch student finance program. Unlike the supplementary grant (aanvullende beurs), you will have to pay back the collegegeldkrediet after you finished your studies in the Netherlands. Read more about the tuition fee loan.

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