What if I provide you with a step-by-step guide to get yourself settled?

I am your go-to person for your questions about your move to the Netherlands

After a short and intense exchange semester at the University of Utrecht in 2011, I decided to move to the Netherlands for good in 2012. I felt very excited and thrilled by my choice to move to a foreign country. At the same time, I felt uncertain, and more than once, I doubted my own decision. I am a doer, and I very much value my independence. I fill in my tax and registration forms, I research the cheapest health insurance, and I actively approach my network to find a house or a job. Long story short: I prefer to handle and manage things on my own.

In a foreign country, things work a little different.

The tax system does not work as you’re used to and the forms come in a language you don’t speak. Health insurance has different coverage and although it’s mandatory, you’ll only get one by the time you have a BSN. Wait BSN, what was that again? Where to start? What to do first? And who to approach if you don’t have a network (yet)?

After seven years in the Netherlands, I am settled. I live, love and work here. The Netherlands have become home. With I help you to keep a clear view so that you can feel home in the Netherlands in no time. I won’t fix it for you, as I know you value your independence, but I’ll give you all the assistance you need to come and stay in the Netherlands.

Simone Sollberger

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    What if I provide you with a step-by-step guidance to get yourself settled the way you envision? In a one-on-one video call session, we’ll discuss what your ideal scenario looks like. Two days after the call you’ll receive a final report via email. The report contains step-by-step instructions to overcome your obstacles and relevant sources and brochures to dive into it further (if wanted). We’re in this together!

    The costs for one session are €65.
    I offer a €20 discount for international students.


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    Simone Sollberger